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Crystal Ballroom St. Augustine

Planning the Perfect Wedding Proposal

Wedding Proposal

Are you thinking of all the romantic ways possible to pop the big question? Everything from what you say to how you say it must be planned perfectly to make it magical. These tips should take all the stress out of the moment and help you make the wedding proposal perfect.

When Should Your Propose?

In life, timing seems to be everything. Ask too soon, and you might send them running for the hills. Wait too long, and you might miss your chance. When is the right time to make a wedding proposal? Trends suggest that couples are waiting longer to get married, but this does not mean they are waiting longer to ask the big question. Couples are choosing to live together before marriage, and have longer relationships and engagements prior to marriage. It is a known fact that most women fall into the pit of limerence faster, while men take the journey a little slower. It is easy to get caught in the comfortable zone of a relationship, which takes the urgency out of marriage. The timing of your wedding proposal will be established by your relationship. If your partner has talked about marriage, you know it is on their mind. If they have mentioned an expiration date on the relationship, you have a hint that you missed the mark a while ago. However, it is not too late. The mere fact that a person remains in a relationship with you for an extended period of time reflects their commitment to a relationship with you. Know your relationship and your partner. There is not a secret clock for timing it right. Ask yourself when the moment feels right and you cannot go wrong.

Wedding Proposal

A Romantic Wedding Proposal

Most want to make the wedding proposal romantic. Since romance is relative, you will need to know your partner. Your partner might consider an evening at the dining table surrounded by flowers and candles a romantic wedding proposal. They might think it is more romantic to take them to their favorite countryside trail or to the beach at sunset. To create a romantic wedding proposal, you will need to create an intimate experience at a location that is significant to your relationship. Your wedding proposal should be tied to a memory or a significant location. If you are unable to travel to the location, bring the elements home with pictures and décor. Recreate the magical atmosphere in your space.

Wedding Proposal

All in the Delivery

If you are considering asking this person to be your one and only forevermore, this must be a person you cannot imagine life without. Asking them for their hand in marriage should be heartfelt and carry the feeling in the delivery. Create an experience that will convey the way you feel. The delivery of your wedding proposal is probably the most important part of it all. It can be as complex as a short speech of all the reasons why or as simple as asking the question on a bent knee. Ask it from your heart. If they love you, they can only say yes.

Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine

After the Wedding Proposal

After your wedding proposal, you will begin announcing your engagement and planning the fairy tale wedding to follow. Create the romantic proposal of their dreams and plan the wedding from fantasy at Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine. The elegance within this luxurious venue is unmatched by any other. Bring imagination to Crystal Ballroom and let the master designers and planners bring your dream wedding to life.



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