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St. Augustine Wedding Venue

St. Augustine Wedding Venue

Choosing your wedding venue is one of the most import steps in the wedding planning process. Finding the perfect wedding venue is about so much more than just a beautiful space. These tips should help you find and choose the perfect St. Augustine wedding venue.

Budgeting for Your St. Augustine Wedding Venue

The wedding planning process begins with the budget. Unfortunately, the wedding budget can make many decisions about planning our wedding day, if we allow it. The idea is to fall in love with a wedding venue we can afford, and never fall into the trap of disappointment by fantasizing about a venue we can never have. How do we secure a St. Augustine wedding venue that is everything we dreamed of at a price we can afford? Without settling for anything less than absolute luxury, let’s delve into the budgeting for the St. Augustine wedding venue you deserve.

St. Augustine Wedding Venue

What’s the Average?

Whenever deciding on any large purchase as serious as this once in a lifetime moment that should be designed to create the awe, we always make comparisons. What is the average cost, and how much should you spend on your wedding? This question is different for everyone, and there is not an easy answer. On average, couples spend between $30,000 and $40,000 on their wedding day.

Every wedding budget is unique and is not required to fit into the same pocket as the nation's average. Before you allocate a certain part of the budget to the venue, let’s think about ways to save more and have more. There is a little secret to affording the wedding venue you want. The following sample budget should give you an idea about the average cost of wedding expenses:

  1. Wedding Dress $1,500.00

  2. Groom’s Tux $1,200.00

  3. Flowers $2,500.00

  4. Officiant $450.00

  5. Live Band $2,500.00

  6. DJ $1,200.00

  7. Catering 100 guests x $25 = $2,500.00

  8. Cake $800.00

  9. Photography $2,500.00

  10. Videography $2,500.00

  11. Transportation $900.00

  12. Hotel Block $3,000.00

  13. Invitations $400.00

  14. Place Cards 100 guests x $1 = $100.00

  15. Wedding Favors 100 guests x $3 = $300.00

  16. Wedding Party Gifts for Bride’s Party $600.00

  17. Wedding Party Gifts for Groom’s Party $600.00

  18. Furnishings; Décor; Linens; Chinaware $6,000.00

  19. Bartender Services $400.00

  20. Day of Event Coordinator $800.00

  21. Wedding Planner $4,500.00

  22. Honeymoon $5,000.00

Affording the Venue You Want

You will notice that this example of a wedding budget does not include a wedding venue. This was intentionally left off of the wedding budget, not to increase the cost, but to show you how to save more. The real secret to making your wedding budget work for you is found in an all-inclusive wedding venue. Some venues will offer you nothing but the space. Others will offer tables and chairs. All-inclusive wedding venues include an in-house design team to decorate the entire ceremony space and reception ballroom, bartender services, banquet staff, tables, chairs, fine china, napkins, linens, sashes, runners, overlays, charger plates, centerpieces, uplighting and all of the décor to design your magical day to perfection. This can save you thousands on your wedding day, and allow you to have the luxurious wedding you deserve.

Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine Wedding Venue

Location of Your St. Augustine Wedding Venue

The location is probably one of the most important parts of choosing a wedding venue. If you are searching for a St. Augustine wedding venue, you want a location that is unique and unforgettable. You might consider a ceremony overlooking the green and water at the World Golf Village. The location should be meaningful and relate to your interests. Consider a ceremony at a St. Augustine wedding venue, and a romantic honeymoon escape in a horse-drawn carriage through the historic town.

Crystal Ballroom St. Augustine Wedding Venue

Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine

Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine is an all-inclusive wedding venue that bundles the venue, furnishings and décor into an affordable wedding package that includes banquet staff, bartender staff, and a professional in-house designer. The level of services allows you to delete superfluous services and vendors from your wedding planning budget. Choose Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine and bring your dream wedding to life without sacrifice.


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