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Crystal Ballroom St. Augustine

Doing the Engagement Right

Courtesy of Patken Photographer

If you just got engaged, you might be wondering where to begin with wedding planning. There are just a few important things to do before you start planning the big day. Wait to blast social media with the news, and keep reading. We are sharing the best advice for everything you should do during your engagement.

Announcing the Engagement

Once you get engaged, you will be anxious to announce the news. There is an order to this exciting task. Wait to make the announcement on social media. It is important to take time to enjoy the moment before getting overwhelmed with telling thousands of people. Family and close friends will not want to find out about your engagement on social media. You should always wait and share the news with close family and friends before taking to the internet. Parents and grandparents should be informed first. Tell your siblings next, followed by family and close friends. Telling a few important people first makes them feel important. Before you tell the first person, you might want to take some time alone with your significant other to enjoy the moment.

Size the Ring

Most engagements are a surprise, and the size of the ring is often a guess. If the ring is not a perfect fit, now is the time to visit a jeweler. The jeweler that sold the ring will usually size it free of charge. Do not take a chance of losing a ring that does not fit properly. It is also a good time to consider insuring the ring.


Engagement Photo Shoot

Maybe you took a few selfies during or shortly after the proposal. There is no doubt these selfies will be perfect for your social media page, but a professional engagement photo shoot is important for so many reasons. Some photographers will include an engagement shoot or create an affordable bundle with your wedding package. Take advantage of any available savings when you can. An engagement photo shoot provides an opportunity to capture professional images for the save-the-dates and formal engagement announcements. It is also an opportunity to get a feel for their shooting and editing style, and their personality. Since photography is digital these days, you will have professional images to share on social media.

Planning the Photo Shoot

Have fun planning your engagement photos. Think about the location and your look. The location could be a dreamy and romantic hillside or have a modern industrial flair. You might want to shoot an activity together, such as biking, hiking or boating. Coordinate your style for your images. Think about your attire and the color scheme. Just as this is an opportunity to test your photographer, this is a chance to test run your hair and makeup stylist.


Engagement announcements are the first of the wedding paper. This is the opportunity to share your formal engagement images, announce the big news and invite close family and friends to an engagement party. You should only invite those to your engagement party that you plan to invite to your wedding. You might have a smaller circle for an engagement party, which usually includes the close family on both sides. The engagement party should take place within a few weeks after getting engaged. Formal announcements to the engagement dinner are appropriate. Once you have a date for the wedding, you can send out save-the-dates.

Wedding Venue

The Engagement Party

Traditionally, the bride’s parents host the engagement party within two months after the engagement, which usually includes cocktails and dinner in their home. However, more and more couples are throwing their own engagement party. This celebration is intended to bring family and close friends together to announce and celebrate the engagement.

Plan an Engagement Timeline

One of the most essential elements of wedding planning is the engagement timeline. Most couples start planning about one year prior to their wedding date. Save your magical date and plan a timeline of special events that will occur between now and then, such as choosing a venue, shopping for the dress, choosing your vendors, the bridal shower and the rehearsal dinner.

Book Your Wedding Venue

Book your wedding venue early. Immediately following the engagement, you should begin touring wedding venues. Choose a venue in a meaningful location that has all the elegance to create your dream. It must also have the availability to accommodate your magical date. Waiting to book a venue can result in your date not being available.

Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine

Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine

Engagements are usually packed full of a year of planning for the big moment, which can be stressful when planned on your own. Enjoy your engagement and the entire experience by allowing Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine to help you plan. Share your vision for your wedding day with the wedding professionals at Crystal Ballroom, and let the designers stage your magical moments from ceremony to reception. The all-inclusive wedding venue includes all of the furnishings, designs and banquet services to create your dream day. Celebrate your moments the way you want them remembered at Crystal Ballroom.



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