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Crystal Ballroom St. Augustine

Tips to Avoid Wedding Day Disaster

Wedding Day

There are some important tips to avoiding disaster on your wedding day. Weddings are so much more than just coming together for a party. This day involves careful planning with an entire team to create the flawless experience you envision. Follow these tips for planning a wedding day without disaster.

Plan Your Wedding Day with Professionals

A wedding planner wears many hats while walking a timeline in the middle of a juggling act to make sure your wedding day is not a circus. If you choose a wedding planner, you will have a gifted organizer, finance expert and wedding guru in your pocket. This does not mean you need one, but choosing to hire a wedding planner can save you from making expensive mistakes. If you want to turn your ideas into a creative reality on a dime, and pull off a fairy tale within the limits of your budget, a wedding planner can do the trick. Whether you need someone to plan it all or just need help getting through the big details, a wedding planner will help you follow a timeline, stay within budget and keep it all organized. However, a wedding planner can be expensive. If you want to save on the cost of a wedding planner, plan your wedding at an all-inclusive wedding venue with professional wedding designers, florists and planners. All-inclusive venues include all the furnishings, designs and services.

Never Underestimate the Importance of the Officiant

The officiant should be one of the first vendors on your wedding planning checklist. This person will be responsible for conducting your entire ceremony with all of your important rituals and customs. They will help you plan rituals, create unique vows and choose readings that are significant to your relationship. It is surprising that so many couples wait until the last minute to find their officiant. Last minute planning with the officiant can make a ceremony seem less meaningful and more like the cookie cutter experience.

Wedding Day

Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

So much time, effort and expense goes into the details of planning this one magical day, and the memory of it comes down to the photography. Creating a keepsake with this much weight requires an artist with the ability to capture the details, while evoking the emotions of the day. This is not the area to cut corners. Always hire a professional wedding photographer.

Choose an Experienced Caterer

A drunk speech might be tolerated, but when the catering goes wrong, it is unacceptable. What could possibly go wrong with the wedding catering? The most critical mishaps that can occur with wedding catering are not arriving on time, food being cold, and not having enough food to go around. Quality and presentation are extremely important. These reasons are why it is important to book with an experienced catering company.

Wedding Day

Hire the Entertainment You Want on Your Wedding Day

The entertainment will play an important role in creating the atmosphere on your wedding day, and will be one of the most remembered elements. It is important to know what you really want and budget for what really matters. You might want to book that twelve piece band, but be realistic about the size of the room and the size of the guest list to avoid blowing out the space. Never let the budget make all the decisions about your wedding entertainment. Planning your wedding day at an all-inclusive venue with preferred vendors can save more in your budget for the entertainment you really want.

Cut Costs without Sacrificing Your Wedding Day

Everyone is looking for ways to save. The key is to get creative with the budget and the ways you spend. Smaller events can be more affordable, since you will need less favors, food and alcohol. While a smaller event can save money, it should not create sacrifice. If it starts to feel uncomfortable, stop trimming the list and start looking at other ways to save. It is recommended that you visit the guest list after you have exhausted all other creative ideas. An all-inclusive wedding venue eliminates the need for rentals and includes all the designs and furnishings. Limit the alcohol to wine and beer, and serve signature cocktails during your cocktail hour. Think of ways to save, but never let it create sacrifice.

Create a Wedding Day Timeline

A day of event timeline will keep everything organized and all of your vendors working together. If you fail to plan this detail, the procession could begin before you step into your dress or the dinner could be served late. Every event from hair and makeup to cutting the cake should have a place on the timeline. Every vendor should follow the timeline to make sure the music plays and pauses at the right moments, time stops for important speeches and there is time to cut and serve the cake. Your wedding timeline should become an itinerary that is broken down into blocks of time for every detail. Think about how you envision your wedding day and create a timeline that makes all your important moments possible without feeling rushed.

Wedding Day

Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine

Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine is a breathtakingly beautiful wedding venue in the heart of World Golf Village. The all-inclusive venue includes all of the designs, furnishings, flowers and services to make your dream wedding come true. Ready yourself in the onsite bridal suite and walk the aisle at a venue designed just for you. The indoor and outdoor ceremony space provide flexibility and an alternative ceremony plan. Meet with the in-house wedding designers and florists at Crystal Ballroom to create your magical wedding day.



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