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Crystal Ballroom St. Augustine

Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

Selecting your wedding venue marks the initial and crucial step in planning your special day. Securing your dream venue sets the wheels in motion for your entire timeline. To aid you in this pivotal decision-making process, we've gathered insights from wedding planners to guide you in choosing the perfect venue and transforming your dream into reality.

Finding the Dream location

Begin your wedding planning journey by focusing on the location, as it is the cornerstone of your celebration. Choose a venue that not only offers accessibility and sufficient parking but also holds sentimental significance. Your wedding venue serves as the canvas for creating lasting memories, so strive for a magical atmosphere. Deliberate on the backdrop for your wedding photos; look for scenic views that will elevate your cherished moments. Once you've pinpointed a dreamy location on the map, concentrate on refining your search for a venue that seamlessly matches your vision and aspirations.

Wedding Venue

Services at the Wedding Venue

The services offered can significantly impact the success of your wedding day. While many venues provide enchanting spaces, not all offer a comprehensive experience. Opt for a venue with an in-house design team and a range of décor options to bring your vision to life. A professional wedding designer within the venue can go beyond just providing space, ensuring a tailored experience. Look for a wedding venue that offers customizable packages, ensuring you receive exactly what you desire. Essential services to consider include furnishings, high-quality tableware, banquet staff, bar services, food management, and day-of event coordination. According to a survey conducted among wedding planners, hosting your wedding at an all-inclusive venue can lead to cost savings and reduce the stress associated with planning.

Wedding Venue

Coordinator at Your Wedding Venue

The role of the day-of event coordinator is exactly as the title suggests. They collaborate with your entire vendor team to ensure your event stays on track according to your schedule. Their responsibilities include overseeing the event's progression, managing guests, arranging seating, and coordinating ceremonial activities. Wedding planners advise engaging an in-house day-of event coordinator or partnering with one who has an established rapport with the wedding venue.

Wedding Venue

Wedding Team at Your Wedding Venue

On your wedding day, you'll rely on a complete team to bring everything together seamlessly. From the food experience to entertainment, officiant, cake, and every intricate detail, it's a collaborative effort. Hiring professionals with established reputations is crucial. Opt for a wedding venue that can assist in assembling your entire wedding team in one location. A venue with strong vendor connections can streamline the planning process, saving you both time and money. The synergy between vendors and an all-inclusive wedding venue can make the journey to planning your dream wedding remarkably smooth.

Wedding Venue

Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine

Your vision may begin in your imagination, but to bring it to life, it must be realized beyond those thoughts. Explore your dream at Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine and unveil an exquisite wedding venue crafted exclusively for you. Expert wedding designers, planners, and florists are ready to guide you in selecting your colors, theme, décor, and floral arrangements. Our planners will curate a personalized package encompassing the venue, furnishings, staff services, décor selections, and coordination services to craft your unique day. Step into the design studio at Crystal Ballroom, bring forth your imagination, and indulge in a fairy tale experience.



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Crystal Ballroom difference found in the unparalleled elegance and uniqueness written into the design of each of our venues. The themes are as limitless as your imagination.

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