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Crystal Ballroom St. Augustine

Planning a Boho Wedding

Boho Wedding

A boho wedding is designed for the free spirit. If you are thinking lacy, flowing, crowns of flowers and romantic bouquets, you might be envisioning a boho wedding. We are sharing tips for planning the rustic vibe you are feeling. Keep reading for boho wedding ideas.

Boho Wedding Dress Silhouette

The boho wedding dress is usually less formal, and foregoes the glitz and glam and all of the embellishments. You might still choose the plunging neckline and low-cut back with a sexy mermaid silhouette, but with the attitude of a minimalist. You probably will not choose a ballgown for this theme. A sheath, mermaid, trumpet or A-line dress are perfect silhouettes to match the rustic vibe.

Boho Wedding

Neckline of the Dress

The boho wedding dress, like every dress, will have a neckline. Consider the features you want to enhance or hide. The Bateau neckline is a wide scoop neck that gathers at the shoulders, elongating the neck. Off-the-shoulder is an elegant look that brings attention to the shoulders and offsets wider hips. Spaghetti straps flatter slender frames and narrow shoulders. Square necklines bring the focus upward. A sweetheart neckline is low-cut in the shape of the top half of a heart. A V-neck drops low into a V-shape. A small-busted bride might choose a deep plunging neckline. The neckline leads to your sleeves, which is another important feature to consider.

Choosing Your Colors

A boho wedding can be any color. The most popular colors are ivory, champagne and creamy hues. If you want the diamond white wedding dress, you can definitely pull it off. However, soft tones are preferred to match the color palette and rustic vibe this theme creates. Yellow or olive undertones look best with a champagne wedding dress. Pink undertones should choose a creamy hue. Fair skin looks perfect in ivory and warmer colors. Fair skin should avoid stark white. Imagine earthy tones and warm colors for contrast.

Boho Wedding Headpieces

The veil is always an optional piece, but when chosen, it should match the dress. A boho wedding dress is less formal, but can still pull off a chapel or cathedral veil. Most brides forego the veil and match their boho wedding dress with a simple crown of flowers. Loose braids with delicately interlaced flowers are even more popular styles with this theme.

Choosing Your Fabrics

Fabric creates texture. Lace, embroidery and crochet are soft textures for a boho wedding. Lace is timeless, romantic and delicate, and can vary from fine Chantilly to a heavier and sculptured guipure. Illusion is also popular for parts of a boho wedding dress. Illusion is a sheer fabric that can be used in the sleeves or the bodice to add applique or lace detailing you could not otherwise.

Boho Wedding

Bouquets for a Boho Wedding Theme

Loose and simple arrangements that appear freshly picked from the garden will have the strongest boho vibe. Avoid the concentric circles of a biedermeier bouquet, which is created by a single flower type and color. The arrangement appears a little too tailored. A nosegay bouquet is the traditional bouquet, and can fit the boho theme. It consists of a round bouquet of flowers that is usually tied with a ribbon. A sheath bouquet can make a good choice. It consists of a handful of a single type of flower that is bound with ribbon, leaving the stems exposed. If you are thinking boho, think loose, organic feeling bouquets with a mix of wildflowers and traditional blooms.

The Boho Venue

Your wedding venue will have the greatest affect over design and aesthetic. If you want to create the boho wedding, choose a venue that fits the style. Look for a space that is overflowing with nature. Important features are walls with vines and flowers, overhead canopies of greenery, flowers on the ceiling and around chandeliers and other fixtures. A venue with an outdoor and indoor ceremony space provides more options. The venue does not need to be a barn or cabin. The boho wedding can be created in an elegant venue with the rustic and earthy vibe you want.

Designing Your Wedding Venue

Before you choose your wedding dress or any of the fashion details, you should choose your wedding venue. Your wedding venue will have the largest affect on the theme. If you are planning a boho theme, plan with a venue that can create your look. Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine is an elegant venue that possesses a rustic vibe throughout. Choose from an indoor ceremony or outdoor ceremony by the water. Let the professional wedding designers stage romantic floral arrangements and wooden accents on your tables. This all-inclusive venue includes all of the furnishings, designs and designers to create the boho wedding of your dreams. Step inside of the design studio and plan your dream wedding with Crystal Ballroom.



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