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Postponing Your Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Postponing your wedding day is never easy. Regardless of the reasons that bring us to this life altering change of plans that seems to shift our world right off its axis, this is the time to be active and keep planning on a new timeline. Remember that a change of date is not a cancellation. It is just the creation of a new timeline. If you had to make the very important decision to change your wedding day, these tips should help you through the process.

When Changing the Date Changes the Wedding Day

The stars aligned and you picked your date somewhere between auspicious and significant. It was to be that Saturday evening affair on that special day. A date change can be disturbing for many couples for many reasons. Not only does it change that significant date that would require another year to capture it again, but it usually changes the day of the week for the wedding day. What was once Saturday is now possibly somewhere between Monday and Wednesday.

In this situation, it is important to be realistic about the circumstances that brought you here, and to use the additional time to your advantage to plan your perfect wedding day. Sometimes this can be the most challenging part of it all, but it is probably the most important. The first step is to make very important decisions about the date of your wedding day. Focus on your newly developed timeline and journey forward to make your special day everything you dreamed it would be.

When Changing Your Wedding Day Changes the Season

If changing your wedding day changes the season, this can sometimes cause significant wardrobe issues, décor conflicts and honeymoon destination complications. A summer wedding dress in the middle of winter can present issues for obvious reasons. The bridesmaids might suffer very similar wardrobe catastrophe. Décor with spring colors and flowers can feel very different in the fall. A trip to Florida’s beaches might make that honeymoon a little cooler than anticipated.

These little differences can seem as devastating as we allow them to be. Wardrobe alterations can be easily made to alter sleeves. Adding a touch of fall colors and accents can bring the spring right into the new season of your wedding day. Honeymoon travel plans can either be entirely different or allow the season to make the travel destination a little more romantic.

Planning a New Date

Planning a new wedding day involves a little strategy and some quick action. If you are working with a wedding planner, a very important conversation should occur about your circumstances and decisions moving forward. If you are planning your own wedding or planning with an all-inclusive wedding venue, do not hesitate to reach out to your wedding venue to immediately coordinate a new date for your wedding day. Remember to be realistic and flexible. Contact all of your vendors to discuss a date change and any changes to your contracts.

Good communication will take you a long way. Immediately reach out to all of your guests and the wedding party to notify them of the new date for your wedding day. This might affect the schedules of many people involved, especially if the change of date is last minute. It is important to be understanding, flexible and realistic, even if it affects the wedding party. If you do not already have a wedding website, developing one would be a good idea to keep your guests and wedding party in the loop of planning a new wedding day. If invitations were already sent, you might consider creating new ones.

Wedding Day

Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine

Changing your wedding day is 99% outlook, and the remaining one percent is just following a new timeline. As challenging as it can be, maintaining a positive outlook will give you the greatest advantage to any scenario. Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine is an all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house design team that is dedicated to making your wedding day the dream you always imagined it would be. Whether you planned your wedding day with Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine or another venue, if you have recently been forced to make the tough decision to change your wedding day, consult with our designers to make the important decisions about your new wedding day.



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