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Making the Wedding Exit

Wedding Exit

How will you make your wedding exit? Traditions have included everything from the release of doves to tossing rice. Keep reading to discover a few ideas for your wedding exit.

Releasing Doves

Releasing doves is a beautiful way to make the wedding exit. White doves symbolize joy, purity, peace and prosperity. Doves mate for life, which makes them a perfect symbol for marriage. According to superstition, releasing a pair of doves on the wedding day will bring blessings and children.

Tossing Rice During the Wedding Exit

Tossing rice is a wedding exit tradition that dates back to ancient Roman times, and still continues today. The Celts tossed rice and other grains to appease spirits and shower the couple with blessings. Rice symbolizes fertility and prosperity. Tossing rice on the newlyweds is thought to mean good luck, many blessings and children.

Wedding Exit

Sky Lanterns

If you are planning an evening wedding, you might consider releasing lanterns during the wedding exit. Each guest releases a lantern into the night sky. This is a romantic way to send off the newlyweds.

Wedding Exit with Flowers

Tossing rose petals is not just for the procession of the bride. Rose petals create a romantic wedding exit. Guests toss rose petals from a pouch as the bride and groom make their wedding exit.

Wedding Exit with Balloons

Releasing balloons into the sky is a creative way to make the wedding exit. Guests can attach a note with well-wishes before sending them soaring upwards. Releasing balloons works well for a daytime wedding exit.

Wedding Exit

Wedding Exit Beneath a Saber Arch

In the United States, the saber arch wedding exit is for military or police service members. It has its origins in the Royal Navy. White gloves are required for all saber or sword bearers. The saber team raises their sabers into a high arch, with tips nearly touching and the blades facing up. The bride and groom make their exit beneath the arch.

Blowing Bubbles

Bubbles are fun and festive. If you want to create a memorable exit, bubbles can do the trick. Guests line up on each side to form an aisle, just as with the saber arch. Instead of holding swords, guests blow bubbles at the newlyweds as they make their wedding exit.

Butterfly Wedding Exit

Releasing butterflies during the wedding exit symbolizes new beginnings and happiness. The newlyweds make their exit while surrounded by graceful butterflies. This exit creates the perfect backdrop for photography.

Birdseed Wedding Exit

If you are searching for an eco-friendly wedding exit that is easy on the budget, birdseed could be the way to go. Tossing birdseed during the wedding exit gained popularity about the same time as an urban legend that rice harms birds. Contrary to popular belief, rice will not harm a bird. However, a birdseed wedding exit is a creative and fun way to send off the newlyweds.

Sparkler Exit

Making the moment a perfect memory requires the perfect backdrop. A coordinator usually creates two rows of guests on each side to form an aisle, depending on the size of the wedding. Every sparkler must be lit at the same moment, and will only stay lit for a limited period of time before they fizzle and fade. The bride and groom make their wedding exit beneath the sparklers.

Wedding Exit

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