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Crystal Ballroom St. Augustine

Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue in Saint Augustine

Wedding Venue in Saint Augustine

Your wedding venue is one of the most important decisions you will make about your entire wedding. Choosing a venue is about so much more than just a beautiful space. You ultimately want to find a venue in the perfect location with all of the designs that create the romantic setting of your imagination. Since there is a little more to consider, we created these tips to help you choose the perfect wedding venue in Saint Augustine.

Starting with the Budget

The journey to finding your wedding venue usually begins where it does for most, at the budget. Unfortunately, the wedding budget can make too many decisions about our wedding day, if allowed to take control of the process. While we always want to begin with a basic budget and avoid falling head over heels for an unattainable dream, it is important to realize there is a way to have the luxurious wedding venue for less than most would ever imagine. Before you let your budget rule out possibilities, let’s examine the cost of a wedding venue in Saint Augustine and expose some secrets to creating the fairy tale for a lot less.

Wedding Venue in Saint Augustine

How Much is a Wedding Venue in Saint Augustine?

So how much is a wedding venue in Saint Augustine? There are so many costs beyond the venue; therefore, we need to look at the big picture. We know that U.S. wedding trends are constantly changing. Over the last couple of years, we have seen a slight drop in how much couples are spending on their weddings. Previously, the average wedding was somewhere between $30,000 and $40,000. All-inclusive wedding venues are contributing to the overall reduction in the cost of a wedding, since the concept reduces a significant portion of the costs. Couples are also budgeting for the wedding attire, flowers, officiant, entertainment, catering, cake, invitations, photography and many other vendors, depending on how they envision their wedding day. An all-inclusive wedding venue in Saint Augustine can create that one stop shop concept, where the designs, flowers, furnishings, chinaware, services and connections with wedding vendors are all included in an affordable package. When a venue has relationships with vendors, this can sometimes help you build your wedding team for less.

Creating the Dream You Want

Finding a wedding venue in Saint Augustine that can take your collage of ideas and recreate your vision is all that matters. Most venues have limited services and designs or just the empty space. This brings us back to the concept of an all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house design team, planners, furnishings and décor options. Professional wedding designers and planners can provide a level of service beyond a wedding venue to actually create the space and stage your wedding day the way you envision it. Customize your wedding with dancing on a cloud effects, a sparkler wedding exit, a candy bar and rose petal aisle décor. There are other essential services to consider, such as fine china, banquet staff, bar services, food managers, day of event coordination services, and a floral team. An all-inclusive wedding venue with the ability to customize these essential services can save you thousands on planning your wedding day, and eliminate much of the stress involved with planning. Touring a wedding venue in Saint Augustine is one of the best ways to discover whether or not the venue has the level of services you require. Create a list of all the elements that are important to you and take it with you on your tours.

Wedding Venue in Saint Augustine

A Wedding Venue in Saint Augustine with a Team

Your wedding team will be essential to creating your dream wedding. Choose a wedding venue in Saint Augustine that can help you build your entire wedding team in one place. A venue with vendor connections can save you time and money throughout the wedding planning process. Some couples choose to host their wedding in a hotel or a restaurant where the all-inclusive package includes the meal. This can seem like a simple solution, if the menu provides, but it will not measure up beside a wedding venue with diverse options. If you seek to create a unique dining experience with more choices and have the elegant wedding venue beyond comparison, a wedding venue with preferred caterers is the only option. Avoid limiting yourself to menu options which limit your dining experience. A caterer naturally provides the fine dining, but the wedding venue provides the fine dining experience. In some rare cases you can find the best of both in one place. More times than not, a caterer specializes in food choices, not weddings. Beware of the jack of all and the ace of none. Trust your dream wedding to the masters in planning and design. Trust your food choices to the culinary artists approved with vendor status at an exceptional wedding venue.

Wedding Venue in Saint Augustine

Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine

Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine is an all-inclusive wedding venue that bundles the venue, furnishings and décor into an affordable wedding package that includes banquet staff, bartender staff and a professional in-house design team. When you plan with this wedding venue in Saint Augustine, you plan with a team of the finest in the industry. Meet inside of the design studio with master planners and designers. Create a customized package with fresh floral designs throughout your venue. Crystal Ballroom is a wedding venue in Saint Augustine that provides a consistent level of excellence, which no other venue can compare. Bring imagination to this elegant ballroom, where dream weddings come true.



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