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Wedding Photography at Crystal Ballroom

Bring your love story to Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine and capture every moment with wedding photography that will tell your happily ever after fairy tale until the end of time. Crystal Ballroom creates relationships with trusted wedding photography vendors so you can capture every moment in our picturesque ballroom and keep it forever. Vow to your true love at Crystal Ballroom and make it unforgettable.  


The passion for design and décor is at the heart of the Crystal Ballroom.


Capture your picture perfect moments with professional wedding photography. 

Wedding Photography at Crystal Ballroom

Wedding Photography at Your Wedding Venue

Your fairy tale moments demand the quality found in the skill, technique and experience of the photographer behind the camera. Stop time and capture the memory of every treasured moment you make at Crystal Ballroom with wedding photography you can trust. We create relationships with the finest in their industry to deliver affordable services you can rely upon. Make the moment you walk the aisle at Crystal Ballroom unforgettable. Meet the Crystal Ballroom preferred wedding photography vendors and capture your happily ever after memories the way you want them remembered forever.



My wedding day was absolutely perfect! And the extraordinary wedding photography captured every moment.

Jennifer D.

Discover Your Style

Find your unique style and let our talented photographers create your masterpiece. Classic wedding photography is absolutely timeless. These are the formal images that seem on purpose. Dramatic wedding photography is all about lighting and effects. It requires the mastery of off-camera flash and the ability to work with light. They almost have an abstract component and the ability to tell a story with feeling. Rather than purposefully posed images, documentary style captures a spontaneous moment. It is authentic and candid. A photographer might choose the angle and the background, but the goal is to become part of the moment without the moment noticing the camera. Black and white wedding photography is part of the dramatic style. The dark shadows and contrast give it feeling. Fashion photography captures the bride on the runway and creates a glamorous layout that meets the standard of a cover. Walk the aisle at Crystal Ballroom and capture the fairy tale with your unique style.

Wedding Photography
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