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Crystal Ballroom St. Augustine

Tips for Wedding Catering

Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine
Image by Sarah Hedden Photography

Wedding catering is an important component of every wedding. Traditionally, the wedding celebration revolves around the food. A poor dining experience will ruin the memory of your wedding day. These tips should help you create an exceptional wedding catering experience.

Things to Consider About Wedding Catering

Traditionally, wedding catering consists of a couple main entrees, salads, a couple sides and desserts. It is common to serve chicken and seafood. Some couples choose to have a meat carving station and little more variety. There are no real rules when it comes to the choice of cuisine; however, it is important to consider food allergies, lifestyle and religious restrictions. The theme and cultural influences will make many decisions about your menu. Some couples choose to provide vegan and vegetarian options. It is important to consider your invited guests and to try to deliver a pleasing dining experience.

Dietary Restrictions

It is important to gather information about certain food restrictions and food allergies prior to meeting with your wedding catering company. Dietary restrictions can be noted in the RSVP to the wedding. Some common allergies include, peanuts, shellfish, gluten, soy strawberries and lactose. Allergies to cow protein are less common, but are also extremely serious. Food allergies can be life-threatening; therefore, it is especially important to gather this information.

There are other food restrictions that are based on illness, religion and culture. Someone might be diabetic. Religion can have dietary laws that prohibit consumption of certain types of meat. Islam prohibits pork. Hinduism prohibits all meat. Kosher meals must be prepared in a kosher kitchen. These special restrictions on food do not mean that you cannot serve the special dishes that match your theme and sophisticated palate; however, it is important to know your guests and have options that accommodate their needs.

Wedding Catering at Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine
Image by Sarah Hedden Photography

Wedding Catering Budget

Wedding catering can consume a lot of the budget. This is not an area that can afford sacrifice. The dining experience you create at your reception will be associated with your wedding day. Most weddings have a cocktail hour. This experience calls for appetizers and drinks to be served just after the ceremony and right before heading into the reception ballroom. Weddings are a celebration that seem to revolve around food. Never base your catering decision on how much you can save. It is about the food, the presentation and the service. In the end, it will be what they remember.

Beverage Packages with Wedding Catering

Beverage packages are a huge part of planning your wedding catering. On average, couples spend about $2,000 for alcohol on their wedding day. Beverages are expensive and couples often feel the pressure to create a constant flow from the bar. It is seen as a party motivator and associated with celebrations. However, do not feel obligated to maintain an open bar. Some couples choose a dry bar with juices and sodas.

It is all about how you envision your wedding celebration. You might consider serving wine with dinner and offering beer. Many wedding catering companies have a liquor license and can help you with a beverage package to fit your budget. Keep in mind that you can also purchase alcohol on your own and stock your own bar. Choose an all-inclusive wedding venue with bartender services included in the wedding package for more savings.

Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine
Image by Captiva

Your Wedding Reception

Everything from the entrée to the drinks will create the memory of your wedding day. Deliver an exceptional dining experience at an all-inclusive wedding venue that includes all of the chinaware, charger plates, linens, banquet staff and bartender services. Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine creates unforgettable celebrations by including all of the furnishings, designs and services into an affordable luxury package. Customize your wedding package with a food manager and day of event coordinator for a superior experience. Bring imagination to Crystal Ballroom and let the designers and planners create your fairy tale.



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