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Crystal Ballroom St. Augustine

Tips for Planning a Honeymoon

Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine Wedding and Honeymoon

Planning a honeymoon takes more work than most realize. Choosing the romantic adventure of your lifetime is the easy part of it all. You need to find the best deals, book accommodations, secure travel arrangements, research the area to plan your outings, create an itinerary, shop for your honeymoon wardrobe and pack. If you are planning to travel abroad, it will require that you research travel advisories, obtain passports and visas, and update your vaccinations. With so much to plan, you might need a few tips to help you on your honeymoon planning journey.

Finding Travel Deals

The average couple spends about $5,000 on their honeymoon. Not every couple can afford to spend the same. It is essential that you begin planning early and research several places of interest. Your budget does not always need to determine whether you are traveling to Paris or to the mountains, but it will have a lot to say about your honeymoon plans. To find the best deals, you need to research several travel websites. Believe it or not, everyone offers different prices for travel. Sometimes you can find travel packages that include the hotel, transportation and the airfare in a bundle. Do not just stick with travel websites. Make sure you research airline websites that might offer special deals for those that book directly.

Planning the Honeymoon Location

Exploring the world wide web for honeymoon inspiration is the exciting part of the process. The secret to finding the perfect honeymoon location is to think of destinations and activities that will make the adventure meaningful. It should relate to your interests. You might love the beach and waterfalls or you might prefer golfing on the green. If you envision castles, carriage rides and beaches, you might consider a honeymoon escape to Saint Augustine, Florida. Not every couple envisions palm trees and coconuts, but every couple dreams of a romantic escape. Have fun and discover a honeymoon location that you will both enjoy.

Planning a Honeymoon and Wedding

Create a Unique Honeymoon Experience

Create a honeymoon that is as unique as you are. Never try to plan the exact honeymoon your friends had. Couples can fall into the belief that a honeymoon should be a certain way. There are no rules to your romantic escape. Keep an open mind and have fun planning the dream getaway that makes sense for your circumstances. Not every couple escapes for a 7 night stay in paradise. Whether it is two days or ten, it is your trip to imagine and plan. It is important that you both agree on the type of honeymoon experience you want to achieve. If you have very different ideas, plan a dynamic trip with contrasting experiences.

Honeymoon Activities

You will probably not want to remain in a hotel room for the entire honeymoon. You will want to research the area to create your exciting adventure. It could be a restaurant that is almost impossible to get a reservation at or an excursion you always dreamed about. Whatever the experience might be, it is important to arrange these activities in advance. You might want to plan an afternoon at the spa and an evening ride on a horse-drawn carriage. Make a list that fits within your budget and timeline, and book the experiences well in advance.

Planning Honeymoon Activities

Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad requires a little more planning. If you are considering traveling abroad, you will need valid passports. Depending on the country, you might need a visa. If you are planning on leaving the country, make sure your passport does not expire while you are overseas. Research travel advisories online and laws pertaining to visas and travel. Traveling abroad usually requires that you have had certain vaccinations. Research the required vaccinations a few months prior travel.

Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine

Planning a Honeymoon is Part of Wedding Planning

Couples should plan their honeymoon simultaneously with their wedding. The wedding and the honeymoon usually require a lot of time and effort to make them flawless. Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine is the perfect destination wedding venue to host your magical moments. Host your ceremony and reception in a ballroom designed just for you, and escape to a honeymoon in beautiful Saint Augustine. Meet the in-house design team to plan your wedding from ceremony to reception, and easily coordinate a honeymoon adventure in the historic town. Enjoy a romantic ride in a horse-drawn carriage, experience the beach views, and take unforgettable photographs at the old Spanish fortress, Castillo de San Marcos. Plan a fairy tale with Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine.



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