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Crystal Ballroom St. Augustine

The Suite at Your Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is one of the most important decisions that you will make about your wedding day. While there are so many factors considered when picking the perfect wedding venue, there is one important element that is frequently ignored. What happens behind the doors of a bride’s suite and a groom’s suite makes these little details a necessary part of your wedding venue.

Bridal Suite at Your Wedding Venue

Suite accommodations for the bride and her wedding party are part of what makes the wedding day magical. This is the private space where the bride will string her pearls, meet with her makeup artist behind the scenes, confide in her close friends and share special moments before taking that huge journey down the aisle to a pivotal moment in her life. Some of the most important moments are shared behind the doors of a bridal suite at the wedding venue. The anticipation and excitement that develops in that space in the wedding venue create memories that the bride will cherish forever.

Wedding Venue

The Important Things

Aside from being a space to get ready for the big event and have meaningful words with people that mean the most, it is an accommodating and necessary space. Make sure the bridal suite at your wedding venue has a bathroom or there is one nearby. Make sure there is enough space for the bride and her wedding party. A makeup area, vanity mirror and a full-length mirror are important features of a bridal suite.

Wedding Venue

Groom's Suite at Your Wedding Venue

Accommodations for the groom and his entourage are equally important. The groom will need a comfortable space to relax and ready himself for the next big step he will take in his life. Make sure there is enough room for him and his wedding party to get ready, have pep talks, drinks and snacks just before the big moment.

Wedding Venue

Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine

Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine provides a spacious and accommodating bridal suite and groom’s suite for couples to create unforgettable memories and prepare for one of the most momentous occasions of their entire life. The dedicated in-house design team is dedicated to creating fairy tale moments in a picturesque ballroom. Consult with our designers, and pick and plan your magical moment, from the colors and fabrics to the flowers and centerpieces. Create your happily ever after memories at Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine wedding venue.



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Crystal Ballroom difference found in the unparalleled elegance and uniqueness written into the design of each of our venues. The themes are as limitless as your imagination.

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