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Crystal Ballroom St. Augustine

Inspiration for Rustic Weddings

Rustic Weddings

Rustic weddings are becoming a popular wedding trend. Combining a few elements of nature to an elegant affair is all it takes to create the romantic and earthy wedding of your dreams. Let these ideas for rustic weddings inspire your wedding day.

Décor for Rustic Weddings

Rustic weddings call for earthy elements. Bring the outdoors into the mixture and into your romantic wedding. While it isn’t necessarily a country jamboree, it is most definitely all about natural elements with textures. Wedding centerpieces are the perfect way to create rustic weddings. Bring your theme to life with your centerpieces. Flickering candles with melted wax, wood slices for charger plates, over sized floral arrangements with lots of greenery and whitewashed wood can pull off the theme perfectly. Lantern centerpieces are perfect choices for rustic weddings. They can be surrounded by flowers or exist alone. Use your centerpieces to add nature to your magical day.

Rustic Weddings

Wedding Attire

Rustic weddings offer a little more freedom to the groom’s attire. In the absence of a formal jacket, consider a dress shirt with a vest. Accent your cuffs with wooden cufflinks. Go with a tie or without, but wear the boutonniere to match your bride. While rustic weddings are not all country, country weddings can be rustic. Polish those cowboy boots and wear those tweed fabrics and suspenders. Crown the bride with a floral wreath of a circle cut veil. Simple wedding dress silhouettes with a vintage flair and beautiful spring bouquets create perfect rustic weddings.

Cake Ideas for Rustic Weddings

Let the cake crumble show through the icing with rustic weddings. Keep it semi-naked and contrast the cake color with the icing. Add wild flowers to your design to match your theme and season. Display the cake on a log slice platter for finishing touches to rustic weddings.

Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine

If you are searching for elegant venues for rustic weddings, look no further than Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine. This breathtakingly beautiful venue is set just around the bend of World Golf Village. Bring your imagination, and let the designers create your fairy tale moment. Dream up rustic weddings with the professional designers at one of the most elegant wedding venues in Saint Augustine. This venue is surrounded by green, lakes and resorts. Host your wedding in the elegant ballroom, and honeymoon at the nearby golf resorts. Meet with in-house designers and select the fine pieces that will write the romance into your happily ever after story.



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