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Crystal Ballroom St. Augustine

Create Your Vision with Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers at Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine

Planning your wedding day is different from any other special celebration you will ever plan. This is your wedding day, and it must be breathtakingly beautiful and absolutely flawless. You envision vibrant floral arrangements and the fresh scent of over-sized wedding flowers decorating your ceremony space and reception ballroom. Having the wedding of your dreams can be as simple as knowing what you want, and finding an all-inclusive wedding venue to make your dreams come true.

Know Your Budget

Couples usually budget about 8% of their total wedding budget on wedding flowers. Fresh flowers can be arranged throughout your ceremony space and reception ballroom, and be complimented with premium silks along the way. If you are open to adding premium silk flowers to your arrangements, it will help keep the expense down, especially when choosing flowers that might not be in season. The cost of wedding flowers can range from $2,000 to $5,000. How much you spend on your flowers will have everything to do with the types and amount of wedding flowers you imagine on your magical day.

Silk Wedding Flowers

Silk flowers flowers can provide all the awe and ambiance at a fraction of the cost. Silk wedding flowers can be used to create bouquets and boutonnieres, just as they can be used to decorate the ceremony aisle and the tables at your reception. While many couples jump at the opportunity to save on planning their wedding day, not all couples want to sacrifice on their wedding day. Nothing will add to the room like the life of fresh wedding flowers. It is important to find inspiration, know what you want and find the all-inclusive wedding venue that can recreate your vision.

Find Your Inspiration for Wedding Flowers

It is never too early to find your inspiration. Flip through magazines, scroll through Instagram and fall in love with Pinterest. Dream big, but stay grounded. Find inspiration in the images that will help you create something that is unique to you and your budget.

Be Authentic

Be open to a variety of color and types of flowers. Do not limit yourself to hydrangeas and roses. Stay open to bringing in rare blooms of various colors that are in season and bring the outdoors into the space. Let your blooms help write your wedding story. Be authentic and create arrangements with flowers that are in the season. If you dream something beyond the season, it can still be accomplished with a little extra expense. Use imagination and discover what you want on your magical day.

Wedding Flowers

Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine

Once you know what you want, discover Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine. This luxurious wedding venue is located in beautiful Saint Augustine’s World Golf Village. This all-inclusive venue includes all of the elegant furnishings, décor and staff to create the wedding of your dreams. Meet with in-house designers and share your vision for the fairy tale you imagine, fresh wedding flowers and all. If you dare to bring your fairy tale to life with fresh flowers throughout your venue, Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine has an in-house florist and designer to recreate your vision. Bring your inspiration and imagination where the possibilities are endless.



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