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Crystal Ballroom St. Augustine

Colored Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses

While classic white wedding dresses are tradition in Western culture, brides are daring to add a little color to their nuptials. Trends are ignoring traditions and the old white is pure for the choice of colored wedding dresses. Even celebrities are taking all the fashion risks and setting new trends when it comes to color.

Bold with Black

Black is one of the boldest colored wedding dresses that breaks all the old rules. Wearing black on your wedding day is a classy fashion statement, and a powerful symbol of sophistication. In May of 1997, Sarah Jessica Parker was an example of elegance and beauty in her classy black dress that she wore during her wedding to Matthew Broderick.

Pink Colored Wedding Dresses

Pink colored wedding dresses are feminine, and match almost every skin tone. Pink colored wedding dresses work well under natural light and when paired with earthy spring colors. Famous celebrities that said “I do” in pink include Portia de Rossi during her wedding to Ellen DeGeneres, and Anne Hathaway during her wedding to Adam Shulman.

Red Colored Wedding Dresses

Kat Von D pulled off the color of romance, passion and love on her wedding day in a daring red gown with an exaggerated veil that extended well beyond her train. Red colored wedding dresses are a dramatic choice that make a powerful statement in Western culture. While Chrissy Teigen wore a more traditional wedding dress during her destination wedding to John Legend, she snagged a red trumpet dress from the rack on her way to her reception. Red colored wedding dresses are exotic and sexy choices.

Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine

Colored wedding dresses provide the right amount of contrast to make the perfect statement. Be daring and be bold with your wedding dress, and the designers at Crystal Ballroom Saint Augustine will create your fairy tale wedding to match the dress of your dreams.



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